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20.01. Köln / K7 (Kyllstr. 7) Öffentliche Probe
21.01. Bonn / Kreuzung an Sankt Helena
22.01. Köln / Loft

The “STATES OF PLAY” ensemble released their second album “SUBSONIC” on April 16. The line-up of the nonet is even more international and orchestral this time around – including Analog Synthesizers and the sound expansion through noise (improvised Foley Art).

The style of the group can be called “Melodic Avantgarde” (press) … – a contemporary, melodic aesthetic with vital roots in jazz – a concept in which composition, team play and open spaces create an ultracreative balance. 

With STATES OF PLAY, Sebastian Gramss has been pursuing the idea of radical sound morphing as an essential and style-forming component of the ensemble: Various concrete musical situations -> “States” (= sound states) are modified and de-constructed … abstracted and transformed …. and then put together into completely new concrete sound images: “Starting from known, familiar tonal starting points, we move towards an aesthetic expansion and transformation of sound situations – the result is an unheard music flow with fine-tuned emotional and intellectual balance …”