Meteors are the spin-off sextet of the larger STATES OF PLAY ensemble.

New album by METEORS – Message To The Outer Space (rent a dog) double vinyl / CD available now on Bandcamp!

It's a compact sextet line-up:
Shannon Barnett – Trombone / Vocals
Leonhard Huhn / Jonas Engel – Sax
Philip Zoubek – Piano / Synth
Christian Lorenzen – Keyboards / Moog / Synth
Sebastian Gramss – Double Bass / Composition
Dominik Mahnig – Drums
+ Stephan Vester – Klangregie / FX

METEORS - Message to Outer Space
(double vinyl / CD, rent a dog, 2023)
available on Bandcamp

"The Next Level of Urban Polyphony" (WDR 3, 2021)
"Sensationally Modern" 5 stars ***** (Jazzthetik)
"Great cinematic sound ... one of the best concerts of the Moers Festival!" (NRWJazz.Net)
"Best concert at ENJOY JAZZ FESTIVAL" (Regioactive)
„Just Great - without restriction !!! (Frankfurter Rundschau 07/2021)
"Stylish and convincing: 5 stars *****" (Westzeit)
"Futuristic Sound Vision - Magical Sounds of Greatest Beauty" (RNZ, Mannheim)